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Hood Studios
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The orignal core of Hood Studios, the movie section features all sorts of good, tasteless humor.

Most Hood Studio Releases are in Asscoiation with On The Run Productions and Corner Rock Productions.


Feature Film:
A hood studios/OTR productions original
The Great California Adventure
Including Monkey Bites 1
Fully liscenced by us and ready to buy. Rated R.
Journey through Matt & Brian's March 2001 vacation in California. Lots of crude humor and a lovely family feud.

-----2000 movies---------

Blair Witch Remake

The Matrix Remake

The Jackal Remake
Dan,Brian,Matt R

A night at Reich's
Dan,Brian,Matt R, Nick, Liz, John

A Night at the club
Chenequa CC employees at their best

Murder: The Jackie Collins Book Report
Brian, Jeff B, and John M.

Upset Sam
an original with sam

Cancun 2000
A lot of marijuana

eventually these will be made into one convinient mini-series tape. Till then, wait.

In Production now at Hood Studios with
On The Run productions.

New Hood Studios/OTR movies in production:

Monkey Bites II: Monkeys in Space
Join the search for the monkey biter in space as he attacks everyone. hilarious cast of charcters.

The Land of Ord
still in preproduction

still in preproduction